Now a days people can’t live without their social media, especially Facebook that is more easy to use, not just for sharing your daily lives. It is also used for marketing and for marketers the platform has changed as much as it has for the users. And staying up to date with those changes can be a challenge and these are the tips from Marketing consultants in Sydney that will help you with your Facebook marketing.


  1. Create Facebook Ads the easy way to get your page in front of a new relevant audience. Using Facebook features you can create an ad that reaches people with certain characteristics like age and location and narrow down on the specific to who and how you wish to target new prospect.
  1. Use a photo and creative content that will represent your products or business in your ads and align with relevance. People are disinterested in just reading your content, they need to see the proof or the photo that what is in your content is actually true and engaging to the eye.
  1. Video posts are dominating social media, with Facebook emerging as YouTube’s largest contender for video uploads. If you haven’t started marketing with video on Facebook, now’s the time to begin.


  1. Add Caption to Your Videos, 90% of viewers on Facebook watch videos without sound, meaning that your captions are going to be read by a majority of your viewers rather than listened too.


  1. Sharing with your friends, shared content, photos and video with your friends timeline can help you to reach a larger audience and further exposure, not just your friends news feed it also reach your friends friends news feed also which magnifies the impact of how many users with see your brand, ads or message.


  1. Share to your Facebook page, sharing your ads to your Facebook page will also help you to get more of your audience or even get more potential clients by allowing a boosting or promoting feature for the business page on Facebook, it can help you reach a Facebook user even if you don’t know them or don’t have any mutual friends to them and help new users or following to notice your page and what your business is about, essentially branding and exposure is a primary need for todays businesses.


  1. Join Facebook Groups, there’s a lot of Facebook groups that give you access to interested customers for a certain niche’ or specific area who are more likely to read what you post by focusing on posting to those audiences. Whatever goods or services your business provides, there’s almost certainly a Facebook group dedicated to that thing as well as to local businesses in your area.


  1. Always include your contact number or email address and also your website, so they can reach you easily to discuss about your business or visit your website to know what you can offer. This is normally what marketers call a “call to action” on the ads where you promote users to click on a link to call your business or click through to you website so they can see what you have to offer. Making sure the less work, effort and time involved to get to the end of this objective the “call to action” is critical due to the time poor environment society is operating in and shortening attention spans of the average person today is becoming more and more desensitised, so make it easier for the user to get to the end but don’t forget to be clear about the ads description as you don’t want to confuse or mislead the potential prospects and align you brand to these types of ads either.


  1. Respond to a message, be sure to respond to all your messages. Your response time will also be live on your page, so possible clients will be able to see how quickly you interact with them. If you don’t have a marketing manager in your business or the time to constantly manager your Facebook business page daily then you can setup the automated Facebook messenger option to respond to users and offer questions and direction to what they might be looking for and buy you time to engage with them and also solve the problem prior to being able to respond directly.


  1. Have fun to talk and discuss your business with all your possible clients and make them interested in everything about your business by engaging with them, we sometimes forget to that we are still all human and have human needs. One of the biggest human needs is to connect and interact with other humans which we can forget when using social media so try to be engaging and communicate with your clients and respond to their feedback just as business was done 15-20 years by building meaning and lasting relationships with your customers.