Basics of Facebook Marketing via your News Feed

Marketing on social media sites, such as Facebook, is one of the most popular trends among businesses strategies in Sydney today. With over 62 million active users from all over the world, Facebook is regarded as a gold mine among online marketers and for businesses that wants to gather more potential clients and be seen.

Unlike other social media sites, Facebook provides unique features that allow you to successfully market on the internet and get in front of your customers first. This feature is the news feed feature with paid sponsored ads being able to be placed strategically on specific news feed. Depending on what your privacy settings are, you will be able to broadcast or announce whatever it is you want to and announce it through the news feed feature provided by Facebook to your current friends or following along with the targeted paid users you can focus on.

However a lot of people want this feature in Facebook but just don't understand how powerful it can be, this particular feature helps in letting users really know what their friends are up to or actually into as far as their interests. From an internet marketer's view, you will see that the news feed feature offered in Facebook will serve as a great way to promote a service you are selling and find the right users to sell to that actually want that product. This will allow your network to really know what you are selling as well as let your groups that you run or are a member of know too.

So, below are great tips that you should remember in order to know how to harness the news feed feature to market a particular product or service. By remembering the following tips, you will be able to let people know who you or your company are and let their friends within the network join in.

The very first thing that you need to do is create a profile or business page/ profile. People on Facebook cannot add anyone in their network if the person they want to add does not have an account and vice versa. This is certainly the very first thing that you need to do. Also, you might want to complete your profile page to its fullest in order to let people viewing it take interest and come across more established and professional.

The next tip is by trying to host an event and post it in the news feed. This will get people in your network interested and if your event is worth the time, they will even tell other people in their network to join in on the fun. This is a great way to promote a product or service and it encourages the users to work of mouth promote you which is the most effective way of generating new business or leads.

Thirdly you may want to share a funny video or picture to your network of friends on Facebook. This will help to promote your profile page and you will have a lot of targeted visitors that will eventually view your account, business page as well as the content you published should include the products or services you offer which gets them seem more effectively.

Posting or creating news articles is also a great way to get people's attention on Facebook. This will generate targeted traffic. For example, if you are advertising sports apparels, you might want to post the latest news in sports activities. This will generate targeted traffic that will most likely be considering what you are marketing if your product or services is related to sports.

Publishing comments on other people's profiles on Facebook is also a great way to extend your network of friends and profile visitors.

These are the things that you need to remember about Facebook marketing. By simply following these tips, you can make sure that you will be able to generate traffic in your Facebook profile page and extend your network.