Why Facebook Marketing is Important and How to Execute on it for New Clients!

Marketing is the key to success for any business. However Facebook is becoming an increasingly important way of obtaining information about friends and family, but also about world events and any business owner knows information is key and holds leverage for a business owner. Whether it’s good or bad there’s no doubt that Facebook marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing, the site’s impact is unquestionable. Over one billion users make it a cultural, economic and social phenomenon. So think about opportunity loss if you are not actively on this platform and in front of your customers either current ones or new.

To do Facebook marketing you have to join Facebook, and create your own profile page, where you will be able to tell people about yourself. And to market your business, try to start adding friends, preferably your own circle of friends or people that you already personally know. Once you build your own network of friends, it is now time for you to extend that network. Try joining groups that share your interest or groups that are interested in what you have to offer by target gin niche's. This is the easy alternative that can be beneficial to a a smaller business with a limited or no marketing budget but has the asset of time on their hands to be active about obtaining new clients.

You can also try personalizing your profile page to make it unique which will attract people to view it or engage with your content more. You might also want to post links to your website on your profile page or you can also syndicate your blog pages using RSS. These tools are already provided by Facebook, so you don't really need to know about HTML programming or other complicated internet things. The benefit of putting out a blog from your website to your Facebook profile page can generate traffic both ways along with adding additional back links to your website, back links increase the changes your website will rank higher on a google search for organic searches not paid Adwords.

Facebook marketing is important to businesses now knowing that majority of your customers or clients will be on this platform or in the future will be on this platform. It can work magic if you understand the potential is has to offer your business. Of all the social networking platforms on the Internet today, none has the same targeted advertising capabilities of Facebook. Facebook collects more details about its members than other services, these details allow you to create advertisements by profession, interests and social connections, allows you to target and expand your market reach and within these searches you can allocate a budget in dollar amount that has a specified time to use that budget across. It enables marketers to upload lists of contacts such as emails, so for the uses of a business that has a good sized data base of emails already then this is hard to overstate knowing it gives instant leverage to reengage to the people on that list within a more popular environment, so with users across the world devoting countless hours to the site being the business that is always popping up in the background allow you to be positioned for the next sales as you seem to always be there in their minds or in front of their eyes.

Facebook is a great place to market products and services without paid promotion as Facebook encourages word of mouth advertising with a share option imagine the impact of a really good referral share and positive feedback story that goes viral for your business, it amplifies the reach it will get. If someone likes your profile page or the products or services you sold them, they may be able to recommend you to their network of friends and also their groups so be delivering a good service is critical on these platforms as the positive or negative exposure can be stretch just as easy either way so keep this in mind with how you operate and conduct yourself as a business online. This means that the people in Facebook will be able to also advertise for you without paying for it.

So depending what type of budget your business can allocate to the social media platforms you need to know how to implement and execute an effective marketing strategy. Where I see many small businesses go wrong is not knowing how to execute the strategy and when they blow their initial marketing budget and the stats are terrible. They default to thinking negative and want to give up and believe the whole thing is hopeless and rubbish, so they go back to their traditional ways of generating business, fingers crossed and holding their breathe... right?! Now you see what not to do we can focus on the way a paid strategy should be implemented, first you need a clear objective i.e convert leads/get new sales, increase likes to the business page or exposure through engage through brand awareness. But in my experience the most common is the lead generation as this is the easiest and most effective to get a return on your investment (ROI) for a smaller business. Then now we are aware of generating leads we need to creative a landing page which is a single page website that will capture the customers name, email and mobile or any other fields you want to add but keeping this a simple process is important to ensuring more people want to opt-in (leave their details). This due to the shortening attention span of today's consumers which marketers are noticing through research and real life stats that the number of times you need to pop up for the sale or be seen by the client has increased from less than half a dozen to over a dozen now. So saying the attention span part you can imagine that the aesthetics of the landing page has to be on point, the main thing I would focus my attention on is the copy which is the sales writing on the landing page. The sales copy used in effective marketing campaigns have a whole world of psychology behind them in the words, text size, where to bold or pop words and the colors used, spending time and money here will definitely stretch the money spent on the ads themselves.

With a clear objective and landing page now setup we need to create a reason for the customer to leave their details which we say is a "call to action". This is something that needs to excite or offer the client an incentive to want to leave their details for you but also is the first trust building aspect of the sale relationship for the business to create and do by adding value. Believe it when I say this to you that you just don't put an ad out there and the clients come running and jump up and down begging for your service or product. Plus no one ever wants to be sold too remember these words with seriousness as I have spent over 10 years in sales! So now you have the client in the sales funnel and can massage and engage with them across numerous ways, add them to an email list, call them and offer feedback on the call to action which might have been an ebook. Maybe the call to action was a free strategy call and then you can talk to the client, ensuring trying to always add value to the customer and not selling will allow the relationship to develop with trust and a transaction for your services and their money will be highly likely to occur if you show the ability to articulate the service or product your business offers.

So now you know how to effectively you Facebook to market and leverage to getting your business out their and generating new business, you will find that this platform will become one of the main sources and ways to building the revenue in your business and scaling the structure.

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