Why Mindset is a Critical Skill to be a Great Leader

Mindset is the engine that drives a leader’s daily experience by dictating thoughts, mood, tone, and behaviour, which determines the quality of their influence and impact. Great leaders are a result of how they think. Their mindset is a prism through which they view their work, their world and the model they use to engage in it with any relationship or task.

Leaders mindsets know they can influence others, but they can’t control them. Instead of yelling, screaming, and threatening others into compliance, they role model the exemplary behavior they wish to see, they inspire people below them beside then and even above them. Their efforts bring out the best in other people, they seem to read people well for their strengths and not their weaknesses  allowing the positives to shine through. Excellent leaders and business owners will notice an issue with a team member early on. They’ll show them the proper way of doing the job before giving them the boot. Leaders know the difference between an employee who simply doesn’t care and one who is just uneducated or misinformed from lack of training or resources.

A good leader knows the importance of teaching someone how to solve a problem before insisting they did it completely wrong. They know the power of legitimate guidance and won’t sanction a member of the team before they’ve been properly trained. They will be accountable and take blame as the last in charge for the team and those within the company. They will sacrifice themselves for the team as any hero does.

A person with the leadership mindset is always seeking to add more value to their team. It can often become a conflict when a team member yearns to do more for their company, but fears it could cause disruption. The problem arises when a person steps up and works harder, causing the other members to get pissed and appear like they are doing a sub-par job. It’s actually awful people don’t feel encouraged to do more in their company for this reason. So building community and culture within that team is the skill that a leader needs to infuse into them so people want to help, grow and build together as a company as one. This skill to mold the DNA of a brands is very unique.

In a world of practicalities, leaders set goals and create action plans to bring those goals to fruition. They can engage their mindset in much the same way – programming their thinking with the beliefs and emotions that will actively attract the business result they are looking for. Essentially, great leaders perform like film directors, envisioning the ending, then writing the ‘inner’ script and directing their team through the production. Whilst keeping the entire business heading towards it's True North the overall vision they can manage to move back and forth in a balanced fashion with on point emotional intelligence to facilitate and manage the teams overall well being along this path to growth and success. The path to growth always causes pain points and to success can sometimes stress a teams strength but to pull everything together and remain in control and identify the issues along the way to innovate and create continuous development is critical if you want to build a world class team.

Great leaders are made, not born. Everyone has the opportunity to build mental muscle. Just like you can make choices that will help you to become physically stronger, you can perform exercises that will help you become mentally stronger and work towards having a mindset of a great leader. All great leader have rituals and routines every day they do, they will visualize the dream and goals daily even physically writing them down to bring the manifest thoughts to the reality of this world like a dream to a reality. And the other main things as any king of the jungle great leaders always eat last they are the most responsible and take the accountability of their team with full pride and the last to take any credit.

You should never be afraid to work harder than the people around you. In fact, I would argue that you can develop a leadership mindset if every day you strive to do more than all of your coworkers. But better yet do more for you and also help them along the way, build together the latest building in town don't try and pull down all the buildings around you to be come the biggest building in town. So remember if you are the mail boy at the company or a CEO you can develop, grow and be a great leader to yourself and to all those around you, it just takes time and consistent work.

Published and Written by:

Kane Hansen - True North