How to Grow My Small Business

When you first started your own business, you must have done a lot of research like what kind of business do you really want to start, what is involved in it, is this year something like that could work, you even look for the information on the internet to understand and valid date the concept, magazines, books and other readily available sources. And now you have started your own small business and investing a lot of time and money into ensuring it continues to grow. But how can you grow your small business? Have you given it a thought? If you would like a business strategies or service in the Sydney areas when then we will give you the article that may help you to grow your small business by understanding ways to identify opportunities.


When you think about how to grow your small business, the first thing that probably comes to mind is getting a new customers as one of those most important things all small businesses face but with limited money. But don’t forget that the customers you already have are your best bet for increasing your sales and growing the customer base; it’s easier and more cost-effective to get people who are already buying from you to buy more or refer than to it is to actually find new customers and persuade them to buy from you. So the important of building a long term business model and thinking about the years ahead is critical as sustainable relationships will be a huge profitable and reliable part to any business over time.


To considers some of the best low cost ways to get the new customers easily could be by simply asking your current customer for referrals. There is an art to transitioning to this form of referral request strategy so look up ways to include or integrate the referral message or question into your sales funnel or process and mention it throughout the process prior to asking as a subliminal hidden message i.e to the client "so lately we have been expanding the office as clients are always referring people to us and we love it when thats happens as the business can grow". Having a good product and great customer service with your customers as they can pass the word around about your business though most studies show that customers aren't sure to refer or not based on they just don't think about those things, so don't be afraid to ask or mention next time someone asks the customer to consider referring them along to your business. So to continue to retain existing and gain new customers always ensure your customer service is exceptional and go that extra mile when you can, the old saying under promise and over deliver and always be transparent and communicate effectively through any sales process. Your customers will not only remember great service they will also be more likely to refer other people to you but putting that reminder message in their head that other customers are referring and how much you appreciate the fact they do that and how it helps the business will increase the opportunities for referrals. It can help you to get more customers and it doesn't cost extra, it takes a little thought, time and adjustment to a sales funnel or process and integrated the message and just sometimes having that conversation with them.


Promoting your products or services are also a great way to both get existing customers to buy more and attract new customers. Nurture your existing customers, such as staying in contact with them or letting them know about promotional events ahead of time this makes them feel special and you consider them more as they have been loyal and they deserve to know, make sure that you find the right balance between nurturing customers and finding new ones though as you will still be required to grow the customer or client base to grow the business unless you hike prices on the exiting which could be a disaster if not executed right. And to know your customer’s needs and develop products or services that wold be aligned to them, like I see this way too often a bulk newsletter email that covers a range of different clients and after a while they will be desensitised to the emails and the actual content as it hasn't been relevant. You can gain insight into your customers by personalizing your services and encouraging them to provide you with feedback. The customer experience should just be a consistent high standard across the business and cover new and existing clients regardless, I believe customers just need to be communicated to and this includes the bad times as much as the good. If you have a long or enduring sales process or pipeline make sure to update the customer even if there is no news to update to them just let them know you haven't forgotten. If you have others in your business this is where processes and systems help ensure these things don't get missed as they become apart of the process, using software and computer systems this can be very cost effective and efficient if they are mapped out right and also reinforced to be used as company policy.

Extend your market reach using social media advertising it’s a powerful tool to promote your small business to get a potential customer by using a low cost, effective and creating content delivery style campaign this can get enough leads to have a profitable ROI (return on investment) spent on the social media ad expense. Such as having a website with an online store or information pages on your services of your business so customers can even look at your products or services online and assess if your business is the right one for them. If you aren't online with a website and social media accounts you will be losing potential business as the rate at which customers and clients search a business for the first time prior to actual working with them is rapidly rising and it is not just the younger generations too doing this.

So get your in house processes structured more effectively and efficient around the referral request and delivering the consistent customer experience to all customers as this is you low cost increases that take time only, once these methods are delivering increased profits and revenues you can then look at allocating some of those funds as set budget towards a planned marketing strategy to promote websites and social media accounts and limit the risks and optimise the impact you get from every once of time and money you have as a small business owner.

If you think you need to talk to the experts in the small business space then request a call back from a True North small business specialist today:

How to save Time and Money Hiring a Bookkeeper

Being a business owner, you should always be searching for ways that you can improve systems, increase earnings, and minimize spending. One particular of the options that needs to be considered is to hire a bookkeeper rather than doing the bookkeeping yourself, it is invariably better to employ a bookkeeper to do the inputting and checking of your accounts. This should be done on a regular basis. Bookkeeping services can help you to save time and money.

Bookkeeping in Sydney will give you an article to help you to save both time and money by hiring a Bookkeeper with the strong agreement as to why.

Usually it takes a lot of time and effort to catch up on neglected or poorly inputted financial reports. Do you find that it is hard to be settled with the current accounts business transactions not be accurately managed? There are quite a few small businesses with financial records that are a mess, because the business owner is too busy with other areas of managing the company and does not have time to deal with the regular accounting. This is understandable as if you originally started a business as a florist you never desired to be doing the books in the first place otherwise you would have been become a bookkeeper instead!

Instead of delaying and letting everything stack up, it's better to stay regular with tracking financial information on a weekly and monthly basis to handle the payroll, take care of government remittances and ensure that bills are paid on time beside the massive fact understanding and ensuring you have the adequate cash flow to sustain the business as its primary need the OXYGEN!. If you don't have time to maintain these tasks, then be sure to hire a bookkeeper to help to stay up to date with the importance of knowing the numbers in your business but not focusing your energy away from running the business.

The bookkeeper will catch up on all of your business expenses and record it for you, it includes tax time quarterly lodgements with GST and BAS and around the yearly tax returns. You need to have good documentation of expenses that fall within the category of write-offs for the business to know the true position financial you are in week to week and even daily when things start to get serious volume. A bookkeeper will help you keep track all of your expenses, overdue invoices and receivable clients or wholesalers, which means you have information ready to assess the businesses liabilities and offset them accordingly to the profit and inflows of work and expected future works otherwise how can you plan of future business strategies and growth without the financial facts to base it all off. So the other big issues that bring businesses under are, having the cash flow and cash reserves aside to pay for your taxes and you don't have to struggle save or catch up these payments due to lack of understanding and management of the funds within the business as you won't have to be doing it alone.

The bookkeeper will provide the services you need and they should certainly be more skilled and knowledgeable for the service to help you saving your time and money for doing the work and allowing you to do what you intently started out in business to do originally and that is work on the business and not in the business.

What are the Best Way to Market Your Business

To have a successful business you need customers or clients. To get customers or clients, every business needs to promote itself with some form of marketing to get attention. And there’s a lot of different methods to promote your business in this day and age, if you are a small business owner struggling to figure out which one to use or still not sure about the digital marketing space for your small business in the 21st century. Then our marketing consultants in Sydney will give you the best way to promote your business through social media strategies and engagement.
In the event that you don't have a business page set up on Facebook to advance your businesses presence, it most likely is an ideal opportunity to set one up as a major aspect of an online networking showcasing plan. Facebook is the biggest social community on the web and it can be an incredible approach to stay in contact with existing clients and to achieve new clients at the same time. We work with clients that have large data bases and email list from being in business for many years already to convert the data over to e Facebook age and start to communicate with your customers or clients on the new devices they are glued too 24/7, this gets their attention more effectively knowing they look at their phones or social media accounts often so you business can meet them where they spend most of their time.
The strong visual appeal of Instagram offers a wide variety of marketing opportunities for businesses of any size. If you post the right Instagram images, consumers soak up your marketing message without any hard sales pitches from you. So knowing how to do creative and effective content marketing for your business that is also relevant to your brand is the trick with Instagram as a platform. We can produce effective content for your business, arrange the hash tag strategy and schedule all your posts across the week or month on your behalf as the marketing consultant for your business.
LinkedIn has turned out to be something beyond a place just to post your online resume; it's additionally a place to participate on bunch dialogs, interface with potential clients, shape new associations, or just to do general web based systems administration. Potential clients can look at you or your organization before working with you to discover what number of representatives you have and to get more data on the foundation of the organization staff. So having a Linked In presence is good to attract great staff to your business, not only does it allow you to engage or be seen by interested prospects but the new workforce to help provide your services or products the customers or clients. This is a very fast growing area to market on for the white collar space and the ability to engage with mid to large tier companies is very attractive for companies that have the ability to provide value to them.
Pinterest is one of the later interpersonal organizations that has ascended to have mass interest. While it's on a very basic level concentrated on sharing photos, the way that those photos can interface back to the website pages where the photograph is found has made a chance to advance your business. By having a creative way of placing quality produces within the posts to the users will increase traffic back your website or products on offer. The ability to minimise the amount of time, effort or clicks required to purchase the products seen is critical to ensure a higher rate of check out completed via your shopping cart. If you want to focus on promoting with this platform and need marketing consultants to advise on the best strategies and ongoing management you need to book a free call back today.
Video advertising is an awesome approach to advance your business this beast is the second largest search engine in the world and the most popular search ed terms is "How To", and YouTube gives you the ability to do it for absolutely nothing! Advancing your business by means of YouTube is a powerful approach to enable potential clients or customers to become associated with your business or brand. Assembling a fast outline video of your business and after that transferring it to YouTube gives you a decent exposure tool that you can posted on a landing page of your website or flowed into messages within a sales funnel strategy to imminent new customers. By working with our marketing consultants in Sydney the ability to have effective marketing videos within your marketing strategy can be done.

10 Tips to Help with your Facebook Marketing

Now a days people can’t live without their social media, especially Facebook that is more easy to use, not just for sharing your daily lives. It is also used for marketing and for marketers the platform has changed as much as it has for the users. And staying up to date with those changes can be a challenge and these are the tips from Marketing consultants in Sydney that will help you with your Facebook marketing.


  1. Create Facebook Ads the easy way to get your page in front of a new relevant audience. Using Facebook features you can create an ad that reaches people with certain characteristics like age and location and narrow down on the specific to who and how you wish to target new prospect.
  1. Use a photo and creative content that will represent your products or business in your ads and align with relevance. People are disinterested in just reading your content, they need to see the proof or the photo that what is in your content is actually true and engaging to the eye.
  1. Video posts are dominating social media, with Facebook emerging as YouTube's largest contender for video uploads. If you haven't started marketing with video on Facebook, now's the time to begin.


  1. Add Caption to Your Videos, 90% of viewers on Facebook watch videos without sound, meaning that your captions are going to be read by a majority of your viewers rather than listened too.


  1. Sharing with your friends, shared content, photos and video with your friends timeline can help you to reach a larger audience and further exposure, not just your friends news feed it also reach your friends friends news feed also which magnifies the impact of how many users with see your brand, ads or message.


  1. Share to your Facebook page, sharing your ads to your Facebook page will also help you to get more of your audience or even get more potential clients by allowing a boosting or promoting feature for the business page on Facebook, it can help you reach a Facebook user even if you don't know them or don't have any mutual friends to them and help new users or following to notice your page and what your business is about, essentially branding and exposure is a primary need for todays businesses.


  1. Join Facebook Groups, there’s a lot of Facebook groups that give you access to interested customers for a certain niche' or specific area who are more likely to read what you post by focusing on posting to those audiences. Whatever goods or services your business provides, there’s almost certainly a Facebook group dedicated to that thing as well as to local businesses in your area.


  1. Always include your contact number or email address and also your website, so they can reach you easily to discuss about your business or visit your website to know what you can offer. This is normally what marketers call a "call to action" on the ads where you promote users to click on a link to call your business or click through to you website so they can see what you have to offer. Making sure the less work, effort and time involved to get to the end of this objective the "call to action" is critical due to the time poor environment society is operating in and shortening attention spans of the average person today is becoming more and more desensitised, so make it easier for the user to get to the end but don't forget to be clear about the ads description as you don't want to confuse or mislead the potential prospects and align you brand to these types of ads either.


  1. Respond to a message, be sure to respond to all your messages. Your response time will also be live on your page, so possible clients will be able to see how quickly you interact with them. If you don't have a marketing manager in your business or the time to constantly manager your Facebook business page daily then you can setup the automated Facebook messenger option to respond to users and offer questions and direction to what they might be looking for and buy you time to engage with them and also solve the problem prior to being able to respond directly.


  1. Have fun to talk and discuss your business with all your possible clients and make them interested in everything about your business by engaging with them, we sometimes forget to that we are still all human and have human needs. One of the biggest human needs is to connect and interact with other humans which we can forget when using social media so try to be engaging and communicate with your clients and respond to their feedback just as business was done 15-20 years by building meaning and lasting relationships with your customers.

Bookkeeping Benefits for a Small Businesses

If you own a small business, you’ll be familiar with several tasks at once. And keeping things running, you need to generate income, keep your customers happy and look after the financial information. Tracking the finances can be a timely chore, so you should update your books as often as you can to keep up to date with where the business tracking regularly. Using bookkeeping in Sydney will help your business to success faster by leveraging of a team that knows what they are doing and can free up the businesses time to focus on more primary tasks to grow.

The Bookkeeping will help you to know your financial situation. Updating your books daily provides you with information that is crucial for the smooth running of your business. If you go over the finances of your business daily, this will allow for identifying the micro progress of the business and you will have all the information you need about the financial state of your business to then plan ahead and avoid specific issues earlier on. The ways that we can aid the business planning and mapping of the books are including cash management as the ability to manage supplier and customer accounts by seeing them on paper via reports, create a business budget, and track the deposits and payments. With cash management, you're able to account for every dollar and cent in your business that it spends. All the outstanding bills, payroll estimation and income information will be at your fingertips. Whilst working with a book keeping team they can manage, maintain and create all of the above for you so you can overseas and delegate what needs to be done without bogging your time down.

It can also improve your decision making, if you have daily bookkeeping records, you will find it much easier to make crucial financial decisions. Knowing how much capital you have at your expense helps you to decide on matters like purchasing inventory or hiring more staff for future milestones.

If your records show that you are running low on capital, you can decide to take out a loan for your business before the pressure starts to build up on the businesses cashflow.

You can make your work easier, you will save time that you would have spent trying to catch up at the end of the month if you update your financial records daily. If your books are always in order, you will have more time to focus on running your business.

Bookkeeping will solve the problem easier, if you do your bookkeeping daily, you will be able to catch any problems early and solve them before they increase and become worse. If you update your books daily, you can identify any fraudulent activity and report it before it does irreparable damage to your business.

These benefits show that the bookkeeping can boost your business significantly. So if you are looking to outsource or contract out the book keeping in your business please contact a True North Business Consultant today for a free strategy call today via this link:

Basics of Facebook Marketing via your News Feed

Marketing on social media sites, such as Facebook, is one of the most popular trends among businesses strategies in Sydney today. With over 62 million active users from all over the world, Facebook is regarded as a gold mine among online marketers and for businesses that wants to gather more potential clients and be seen.

Unlike other social media sites, Facebook provides unique features that allow you to successfully market on the internet and get in front of your customers first. This feature is the news feed feature with paid sponsored ads being able to be placed strategically on specific news feed. Depending on what your privacy settings are, you will be able to broadcast or announce whatever it is you want to and announce it through the news feed feature provided by Facebook to your current friends or following along with the targeted paid users you can focus on.

However a lot of people want this feature in Facebook but just don't understand how powerful it can be, this particular feature helps in letting users really know what their friends are up to or actually into as far as their interests. From an internet marketer's view, you will see that the news feed feature offered in Facebook will serve as a great way to promote a service you are selling and find the right users to sell to that actually want that product. This will allow your network to really know what you are selling as well as let your groups that you run or are a member of know too.

So, below are great tips that you should remember in order to know how to harness the news feed feature to market a particular product or service. By remembering the following tips, you will be able to let people know who you or your company are and let their friends within the network join in.

The very first thing that you need to do is create a profile or business page/ profile. People on Facebook cannot add anyone in their network if the person they want to add does not have an account and vice versa. This is certainly the very first thing that you need to do. Also, you might want to complete your profile page to its fullest in order to let people viewing it take interest and come across more established and professional.

The next tip is by trying to host an event and post it in the news feed. This will get people in your network interested and if your event is worth the time, they will even tell other people in their network to join in on the fun. This is a great way to promote a product or service and it encourages the users to work of mouth promote you which is the most effective way of generating new business or leads.

Thirdly you may want to share a funny video or picture to your network of friends on Facebook. This will help to promote your profile page and you will have a lot of targeted visitors that will eventually view your account, business page as well as the content you published should include the products or services you offer which gets them seem more effectively.

Posting or creating news articles is also a great way to get people's attention on Facebook. This will generate targeted traffic. For example, if you are advertising sports apparels, you might want to post the latest news in sports activities. This will generate targeted traffic that will most likely be considering what you are marketing if your product or services is related to sports.

Publishing comments on other people's profiles on Facebook is also a great way to extend your network of friends and profile visitors.

These are the things that you need to remember about Facebook marketing. By simply following these tips, you can make sure that you will be able to generate traffic in your Facebook profile page and extend your network.


How Does Content Marketing Attract More Clients

If you own a business, whether it is a startup or a big company, you always are thinking of ways to promote your products or services. This is the main reason why creating websites or social media pages are popular these days. More and more people are getting hooked with how the cyber world works wonders and the ability it allows to reach a further audience and potential customers or clients.

If you own a website or a social media page, the next thing that you will think about is how to drive traffic to it and get people interested in spending time there. Just like how do you do it offline with a store or a shop in a local area, well online business is the same method though you have to reach out to your target market and lead them into clicking your URL for your website or social media page.... but how do you do that?

Article Submission Sites

With the advent of many credible article submission sites and social media groups on the web will attract entrepreneurs who are seeking opportunities open for them to speak out and pique the interests of their potential clients by voicing their pitch in the eyes of those niche' areas.

And how do you go about this?

1. You have to create good content and consistent content too. What does this mean? For example, you are a printing company who caters to business people and professionals. You could offer postcards, business cards, brochures, newsletters and the likes. When you write the articles, you will not only think about ways to design your postcards, detailing step by step benefits, tips and also traps that the notice would like to know about how to avoid a mistake then you will go and direct the material to your target market by strategically finding niche areas or sites that could be looking to obtain this free knowledge. You can write an article about ways to design your postcards to help your food business for an even more specific targeting of a niche and then focus on sites and social media groups that support food business and companies that would greatly benefit from this information .......FOR FREE.

This way, you already are capturing a niche market by thinking outside the box to what your competitors may not be doing. These people will be interested in the products that you are offering and will be more likely to have confidence if your products or service as you have provided effective information that could help them. They will be more interested when they get a good visual or view on how they would be able to utilize such tools and implement it with some logic and practical insights and not just a wishy-washy spiel. And the perfect avenue for you to do so is through good quality content that is functional and makes you available for these people who could be looking for this service.

Take time to fill out your Resource Box

2. When you submit articles to directories or social media platforms, they allow you a space to have your author's biography or to direct credit to your website or the business social page. No, this doesn't mean that you have to brag that you are a good looking, 40 something, with bank savings. You are not looking for a partner. You are looking for clients so branding yourself as the business of knowledge in your space and build authority.

To do this right, include your name, your website address, a tagline or your business' unique selling proposition and a call to action for your readers. This is the venue where you will promote your own stuff and lure them to click on your link or opt-in page.

Now, do you understand why it is important to create quality content for the purposes of content marketing? People must trust that you can deliver what you have promised and can assist them with their needs. They don't know you. But in establishing your name as an expert in the field where they need help, they will learn to appreciate you and may later become interested as to what you are offering them over time. You cannot achieve that with crappy articles and just the one off post that is good. It takes several times for a client to see your content, brand or company before they will want to do business with you and then you still need to have a call to action or in normal terms ask for their business by offering something such as a discount or special promo.

If you don't have the knack for it, you can always hire a freelancer or contractor to do the job for you. This way, you won't  have to provide the content marketing articles to submission sites while you reap the benefits of such over time and can focus on growing the businesses in other areas.

4 Types of Growth Strategies for Business

Growth Strategy

A growth strategy involves presenting new items or adding new highlights to existing items. Here and there, a little organization might be compelled to alter or increment its product offering to stay aware of contenders. Something else, clients may begin utilizing the new innovation of a focused organization. For instance, phone organizations are always including new highlights or finding new innovation. PDA organizations that don't stay aware of shopper request won't remain in business long. A little organization may likewise embrace a development procedure by finding another market for its items. Some of the time, organizations find new markets for their items unintentionally.

Product Differentiation Strategy

Little organizations will frequently utilize an item separation system when they have an upper hand, for example, prevalent quality or administration. For instance, a little producer or air purifiers may separate themselves from contenders with their prevalent building outline. Clearly, organizations utilize an item separation technique to separate themselves from key contenders. Be that as it may, an item separation methodology can likewise enable an organization to construct mark devotion.

Price-Skimming Strategy

A price-skimming strategy includes charging high costs for an item, especially amid the basic stage. A little organization will utilize a value skimming procedure to rapidly recoup its generation and promoting costs. In any case, there must be something unique about the item for purchasers to pay the excessive cost. A case would be the presentation of another innovation. A little organization might be the first to present another sort of sunlight based board. Since the organization is the just a single offering the item, clients that truly need the sun powered boards may pay the higher cost. One weakness of a value skimming is that it has a tendency to pull in rivalry generally rapidly, as indicated by the Small Business Administration. Venturesome people may see the benefits the organization is procuring and deliver their own items if they have the innovative know-how.

Acquisition Strategy

A small organization with additional capital may utilize an obtaining system to pick up an upper hand. An obtaining technique involves acquiring another organization, or at least one product offerings of that organization. For instance, a little basic supply retailer on the east drift may buy a tantamount staple fasten in the Midwest to grow its operations.

How to Find the Right Business Consultant

There are times when a business starts to lose money and no-one is sure where the problem is located. Going over facts and figures only points to the bottom line. The bottom line continues to shrink. People start to get desperate. Strategies are planned and implemented to no avail. Tried and true measures are no longer working. It is time to call on the experts. The business consultants need to be brought in. The problem is finding one who knows the company well enough to help.

Finding a good business consultant is not as hard as everyone thinks. They are not the enemy. They are not some eerie creature sneaking around, lurking behind every corner. A good business consultant is a creative thinker. He or she is a motivational, aggressive team player. The business consultant can gather data and other pertinent information from management and other sources to determine what is the key problem.

A qualified business consultant may already exist in your organization. A member of the IT department could be the one who develops a project or program designed to save the company money. This is someone capable of setting up a development team to think outside the box. You are looking for someone creative. You want someone who is not afraid of a vision. Someone with good communication skills is a must. Most projects fall short due to the lack of communication.

It is actually a benefit to choose someone in-house if the ability is there somewhere. He or she already knows the company. The business consultant will know the strong attributes as well as weaknesses of the company. Choosing someone from inside the organization means he or she will know the people involved. Camaraderie may already exist. This can make the gathering of information easier. The easier it is to collect needed data and information, the more quickly a project scope can be developed.

The best business consultant will be able to speak the language of whichever department he or she needs to interact with. He or she will not get caught sidetracked with mundane tasks and mute points. The business consultant will know what information is needed and get it. They will keep the big picture in mind. They will motivate others to stay on task. A good business consultant will allow someone the freedom of creativity. Obviously what was being done did not work. A new approach is needed and the qualified business consultant will see this.

Someone who can develop the rapport with the departments to meet expectations is the perfect candidate for business consulting. This person will act as a liaison between management and development teams. He or she should be able to speak with authority while still maintaining a level of respect. The perfect business consultant will be able to foresee problems which may arise between teams and squelch them before they start.

A liaison between involved departments, a leader during meetings, a project developer, and a number cruncher are all beneficial attributes of a good business consultant. Find someone capable of doing all these things and you have found a great asset for the business and where it is headed.

Why Is It Important To Have A Well-thought Business Plan

Many times people who want to start a new business chaff at the idea of having to write a business plan. The idea of going through a tedious process of documenting the business aspects of something that is really your dream that you want to make come true seems tedious and unnecessary. After all, you know at a gut level what you want to do so the thought that you have to get that all on paper at a fairly detailed level seems to be a nuisance.

This may have been your reaction when you begin to plan your dream business that you want to open and perhaps your banker or someone at the small business association told you that creating a business plan was crucial to getting your business out of the dream phase and into the realm of reality. But there are some very good reasons why you should give the process of creating a business plan for your future business some serious effort and some patient tender loving care because it really is a major key to your future success in running your business.

The timing that most people who want to start a business encounter the need for a business plan is in seeking funding. It takes money to start a business. You will need to secure a facility, remodel it to become your dream business, purchase equipment, supplies, computers and software and the supplies to run your business until profits begin to roll in. So, like any new business startup, you will probably need to seek out a small business loan from a bank or some other financial institution.

Lenders are generally very open to funding a well thought out new business venture. But the key is you have to show them that your plans to open a business are well thought out. And it is the structure of your business plan that is the backbone of any effort you will organize to go and talk to lenders about backing you on your new business. This is also true even if you are seeking funding from private individuals such as family members, friends or an institution who is your sponsor such as a church or school. Any of those entities will need to see your plan for starting the business and be able to appreciate that you have done your research, thought through the issues and have a solid plan to make this new business profitable so you can pay back the loans you need to get started.

The good news is there is plenty of help available to you on what you need to include in your business plan and how it should look when you present it to lenders. There are volunteers at your local small business administration who are experts in writing business plans and they can help you a great deal. Also, there are a huge amount of web sites, kits, and books that you can buy to help you with the process. So don't feel abandoned and alone in what you need to do. Give it a good amount of attention and you will find yourself writing a business plan that will be a big value not only in getting funding but in running your business over time.