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How a 22 year old uneducated Gold Miner became a owner of a business that manages $440 Million of clients funds within 7 years…….. Let me tell you HOW!

Hi, I’m Kane Hansen – and I was once that kid, kicked out of school at age 14. I was a highly passionate and energetic kid that apparently didn’t fit the education systems mold.

But who did right?

I lived life thinking that I would never be able to build the life of my dreams or have any major Success for myself and my family. I actually started to believe I didn’t have the IQ or the family network to get anywhere close.

I decided getting a trade as a teenager was my path to follow, and after a few years of working hard I ended up in the mines as a gold miner.

12-hour days, hot and dangerous work and I was always away from my loved one. It really sucked and I felt lost day-in, day-out for months but the money was good so I held on! (Ok – I thought the money was good but with what I know now, I realise the money was like slave labour rates compared to what is actually possible).

One day I cracked and decided there had to be a better way to LIFE, I did some basic studies at age 22 as I realised if I didn’t take action or make a change I would become stuck in this life and
always be a slave to my job.

So, after a lot of thought I went into a Financial Planning career………. Which in the end led me to go into business. But, funny enough, it then became the business that made me a slave to my work anyway. I was working the same long hours, taking all the risk as the owner and still no
FINANCIAL FREEDOM or 5 star lifestyle living!

You can get these results too in your business regardless of the industry

Corey Bennett – Benco Projects and Granny Flats

“Went from a sole operator doing remedial works to now operating teams on large projects, also rebranded to specialise in granny flats. With the current structure he has time to spend with his wife and 3 children as he can focus on the businesses growth and not in it getting bogged down”

I spent the first few years struggling to learn how to run the business with no business knowledge, experience and guidance from mentors in my life at that time.

I worked excessively long hours still, so nothing changed from the gold mines but I felt like I had no other choice or the business would FAIL ….

So, I just worked harder and longer hours, thinking “this should work”.

I had a few staff and we focused on taking on any client at any time, anywhere we could. I pushed the benchmark for growth every quarter, I was doing everything I thought I could to get better results.

I read all the right books on business guru’s and even did all these seminars and events that teach you exactly how to build successful companies or fast growth strategies, I spent thousands within a few years but…… I didn’t get the SECRET recipe.

I remember I sat there one day and noticed our competitors were growing bigger than our company each year, stealing our good staff after we trained them up and even lost good clients to them over time.

Our business plans and dreams were fading away as time went on…… I was so LOST.

Why was this happening, they weren’t better than our company, or were they?

What was it that they did that we weren’t doing? I thought we had tried everything.…. I wanted to give up, some nights leaving the office it just didn’t feel worth it. Do you know that feeling?

How were they growing so fast and consistently every year, achieving higher results with less effort?

I knew deep down there were answers to these questions in my mind, but where could I go to
find them?

Client Testimonial

I first started working with Kane from True North over 3 years ago on my first cleaning business called “cleaning with meaning” it was just me, a vacuum and some cleaning gear.

Kane was always there no matter how small I was in the beginning, over time we got the business structure in place by automating and systemising the setup. Then building up
ongoing work through property managers, across commercial networks and residential works, this model was setup to be a franchise before making the decision to sell and move on. I discovered with Kane my passion was project management in
the end.

“So we quickly started on the next project and built the company star finished which provides tradies services for
renovations and maintenance works nationally. Kane’s forward thinking and strategic mapping of things helped build
a business that is a middle management service easy to run and very profitable. Kane and the team have always been
great to work with and throughout those tough times and points of wanting to give up he just knows what to say and how to overcome obstacles to keep exceeding to get the results.”

Harry Chen – Owner

Star Finishes (Previous Owner – Cleaning with Meaning)

We can show you how to develop strategies to get your business the results you should already have.

The problem I had in the end was a lack of knowledge and strategic direction. Our own company didn’t know what we did and specialised in, which meant we struggled to market and build our brand – how can you with no clarity and direction??
And that’s when I had my big ah-ha moment! That’s when I noticed I had to transform myself
tochange the OUTCOME.
So, first I tried to go to an event and immerse myself in a 2 day intense learning workshop I walked away with a better understanding but still no actual practical strategy to HELP take the next steps.
Then I tried self-taught strategies for business growth online, and these were a little better……
but I was back and forth, getting told different things and still struggled with a clear plan of attack
to make MASSIVE action forward!
And that’s when I finally came across my first business mentor, and guess what?
He worked with me as a client after I wouldn’t leave him alone, this time I was taught EXACTLY what I needed to know and HOW to implement it to get results FAST,
If I never found this path I would have continued to do things as I was wasting time and making
mistakes in hope of stumbling upon

Here’s how to get real results with your business and grow it into a sustainable asset for your family’s future, whilst having time to enjoy it


And that’s when I realised it was having the right information and direction that actually brings real results. No wonder I was struggling – I was trying everything and going in circles frantically.

For years, I believed there was this secret to success but it was a matter of knowing how to strategically focus on the right areas for results, aligning the company’s purpose, and progressing consistently along a plan that is relevant to your business for growth.

The real problem was we all don’t know what we don’t know and that’s why failure is a good thing for business owners. As long as we limit the damage of each failed lesson we will continue to grow stronger each time.

But now that I had FOUND a way to fast track our success, limiting risk and mistakes through others experiences with a clear plan of attack, that’s when we exploded and just took off!

Many years later our company has grown and reached a greater sense of success, our next mission is to also see our clients in business replicate the same massive results as we HAVE.


And that’s why I have created a business consulting program called the “Virtual CEO” where we work with your business directly to customise a strategic plan, to grow with you on an ongoing basis.

Areas we help with:

  • Strategic planning and modelling
  • Mindset and Culture
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Processes & Systems

Are you a business with or needs any of the following:

  • Turnover of $500,000 or more per annum
  • 5 or more staff or want to get above 5 or more
  • In any industry, within Australia
  • Want clarity and direction for growth in your business
  • Can stick to a strategic plan and work towards it
  • 2-3 hours available for strategy meetings every fortnight or month

Then you need to get on the phone with one of our experienced strategy consultants and see how we can take your business further…………

Guarantee! We guarantee that we can add 10’s of thousands if not 100’s of thousands of value strategically for your business, if you action and implement everything from the consulting sessions.

We are committed to adding value – if you work with our team ongoing just as our current clients have been doing already……… Our success is based on our results not smoke and mirrors.

All you need to do is give us some of your time for a free strategy call to see if what you are looking for is what we have success in!

Click on the button below and book in for a FREE business strategy call to see exactly what your business needs to break through the next barrier for growth – FREE for a limited time so act fast or die wondering!

With this program, our company will work with you to establish the business strategies and structures for YOU to succeed.

The initial call is to see if you are suitable for the program. As a business owner, you need to be mentally prepared and capable of taking things to the next level…….

And some business owners just aren’t ready!

This offer for a FREE strategy call is only for a limited time as we only take on up to 2 new clients a fortnight.

Once we reached a certain capacity to maintain the quality of the consulting service we will have to close the program off to new clients very SOON as we are nearly at capacity for the year.

PS – This stuff works when worked on strategically and consistently over time, hard work does pay off and once you build a business asset you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. Essentially having the financial freedom and the dream life YOU desire, and our team can make that dream a reality, just like that young boy who was kicked out of school and nearly lost HOPE.