When you first started your own business, you must have done a lot of research like what kind of business do you really want to start, what is involved in it, is this year something like that could work, you even look for the information on the internet to understand and valid date the concept, magazines, books and other readily available sources. And now you have started your own small business and investing a lot of time and money into ensuring it continues to grow. But how can you grow your small business? Have you given it a thought? If you would like a business strategies or service in the Sydney areas when then we will give you the article that may help you to grow your small business by understanding ways to identify opportunities.


When you think about how to grow your small business, the first thing that probably comes to mind is getting a new customers as one of those most important things all small businesses face but with limited money. But don’t forget that the customers you already have are your best bet for increasing your sales and growing the customer base; it’s easier and more cost-effective to get people who are already buying from you to buy more or refer than to it is to actually find new customers and persuade them to buy from you. So the important of building a long term business model and thinking about the years ahead is critical as sustainable relationships will be a huge profitable and reliable part to any business over time.


To considers some of the best low cost ways to get the new customers easily could be by simply asking your current customer for referrals. There is an art to transitioning to this form of referral request strategy so look up ways to include or integrate the referral message or question into your sales funnel or process and mention it throughout the process prior to asking as a subliminal hidden message i.e to the client “so lately we have been expanding the office as clients are always referring people to us and we love it when thats happens as the business can grow”. Having a good product and great customer service with your customers as they can pass the word around about your business though most studies show that customers aren’t sure to refer or not based on they just don’t think about those things, so don’t be afraid to ask or mention next time someone asks the customer to consider referring them along to your business. So to continue to retain existing and gain new customers always ensure your customer service is exceptional and go that extra mile when you can, the old saying under promise and over deliver and always be transparent and communicate effectively through any sales process. Your customers will not only remember great service they will also be more likely to refer other people to you but putting that reminder message in their head that other customers are referring and how much you appreciate the fact they do that and how it helps the business will increase the opportunities for referrals. It can help you to get more customers and it doesn’t cost extra, it takes a little thought, time and adjustment to a sales funnel or process and integrated the message and just sometimes having that conversation with them.


Promoting your products or services are also a great way to both get existing customers to buy more and attract new customers. Nurture your existing customers, such as staying in contact with them or letting them know about promotional events ahead of time this makes them feel special and you consider them more as they have been loyal and they deserve to know, make sure that you find the right balance between nurturing customers and finding new ones though as you will still be required to grow the customer or client base to grow the business unless you hike prices on the exiting which could be a disaster if not executed right. And to know your customer’s needs and develop products or services that wold be aligned to them, like I see this way too often a bulk newsletter email that covers a range of different clients and after a while they will be desensitised to the emails and the actual content as it hasn’t been relevant. You can gain insight into your customers by personalizing your services and encouraging them to provide you with feedback. The customer experience should just be a consistent high standard across the business and cover new and existing clients regardless, I believe customers just need to be communicated to and this includes the bad times as much as the good. If you have a long or enduring sales process or pipeline make sure to update the customer even if there is no news to update to them just let them know you haven’t forgotten. If you have others in your business this is where processes and systems help ensure these things don’t get missed as they become apart of the process, using software and computer systems this can be very cost effective and efficient if they are mapped out right and also reinforced to be used as company policy.

Extend your market reach using social media advertising it’s a powerful tool to promote your small business to get a potential customer by using a low cost, effective and creating content delivery style campaign this can get enough leads to have a profitable ROI (return on investment) spent on the social media ad expense. Such as having a website with an online store or information pages on your services of your business so customers can even look at your products or services online and assess if your business is the right one for them. If you aren’t online with a website and social media accounts you will be losing potential business as the rate at which customers and clients search a business for the first time prior to actual working with them is rapidly rising and it is not just the younger generations too doing this.

So get your in house processes structured more effectively and efficient around the referral request and delivering the consistent customer experience to all customers as this is you low cost increases that take time only, once these methods are delivering increased profits and revenues you can then look at allocating some of those funds as set budget towards a planned marketing strategy to promote websites and social media accounts and limit the risks and optimise the impact you get from every once of time and money you have as a small business owner.

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