There’s no exact formula for success. However successful businesses maintain good habits and it is one of the reasons why they managed to be where they are now. Habits they have picked along the way, such as having good contracts, structure and management, has helped successful owners get to where they are and take their business to the next level. In a highly competitive landscape, it’s important and vital to make sure you ensure good habits are enforced so your business continues to thrive. Most of the successful people develop and maintain good habits consistently and religiously in their worlds.

To ensure you utilize every minute and hour of each day, it’s important to learn how to focus on the most rewarding tasks, this is crucial for achieving high levels of success. One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is directing their energy towards low-valued tasks. Take a look at everything you have going on right now in your life. Review your list of things to do and evaluate which task you can do now that will bring forth the most value to your customers and team. Give each task a percentage of impact and how it can benefit your business, mostly learning how to direct your energy towards your most rewarding tasks on auto pilot is the skill require not identifying it. Pay close attention and ask yourself what the high-valued tasks are the ones that have the potential to bring the most reward to you and your business leverage your time and have this structural traits embedded into your business model always.

The most important thing you need to prioritize in order to set a foundation for your business it process of your thoughts out habits physically put down on paper in manuals and checklists to ensure as the business scales so does the standards. It’s always important to think about how something can help you to increase revenue or reduce your operating cost making reviewing your current structure a part of the discipline to ensure it is still the most optimised way to operate. Knowing when you should create a strategy for long term goals while balancing short term objectives which Gary Vee calls it the clouds and the dirt, need a long term vision but some days you need to grind away in this tedious tasks to reach that big picture. Most businesses have their objectives that they want to accomplish each quarter. Everything else you do should coincide with those objectives. Never lose sight of the goals you have set out for yourself. Once you have a goal in place, work each day to get closer to those goals. Always think about the thing you prioritize the most and how that is contributing to the end goal. Learn how to manage your time, get a planner and plan everything ahead of time. Always keep your eyes on your goals, learn how to say ‘no’ on the things that are not so important. High achievers never lose sight of what their major goal is. Do something every day that will bring you closer to achieve your main goal.

Be happy and having a positive mental outlook can help with any situation. It is always said that you don’t have control with external factors, but you do have control over how you handle situations internally. With positive thinking regardless of what you are going through, you will continue to work through situations and reach your goals. A great attitude for success and having gratitude can go a long way making this a aspect of your self discipline will work wonder especially managing day to day business stress.  If you understand what you’re trying to achieve and have patience with the process, you will be ahead of the rest. It means that understanding where you place your focus can have an intense impact on what happens to you, knowing the journey ahead in wanting to be successful. If you only have negative thoughts, chances are you will be settling for average. Instead, you need to constantly feed your mind with positive thoughts. Successful people experience failures too they have the choice to quit or to stop. Instead of dwelling on their failure, they continue and have a Positive Mental Attitude which helps them to reach their ultimate goal. When you constantly strive to become a better person, refine your skill set and invest in your future daily, you become more as an individual. When you become more as an individual, your value increases.  The more your value increases, the more successful you will become and it all starts to become much easier and all with your habits building the blocks of foundation to work off. Always remember that attitude is more important than skills so start with the internal habits of your thoughts and emotions as they will flow outwards into the physical world and your day to day life.

Written by:

Kane Hansen

True North – Founder.