Companies often take a passive approach to culture. They figure it’s not something they can control or that they need to control. If they leave it alone, it’ll all work itself out. Culture is an important differentiator to set your company apart from the competition. It’s also what attracts the right talent. Every organization needs talent in order to stay afloat and brings in the right customers.

Making yourself personally accessible to your employees will help keep your company culture strong. Although it’s hard to maintain personal relationships with a large group of people, you can at least commit to remembering their first names. Ask them about their lives with genuine interest and active listening. Socialize with them and you’ll have an open, respectful, positive and strong company culture. You can encourage and motivate your employees to speak positively on your brand’s behalf. Not only will they help you find the right people to hire, but they can also help you bring in more customers. While skillsets and experience are important when hiring new members for your organization, you also need to hire for culture fit. An employee’s skills may get them in the door, but your culture is what will keep them there. Giving people an ideal cultural environment in which to work is about more than just preventing them from quitting; your employees shouldn’t dread coming to work. They should enjoy coming to the office and value the work that they do. Companies with a strong culture have employees who like the challenges of their job, get along well with their co-workers and enjoy the atmosphere of the workplace. It’s about making them feel truly invested in their jobs. If you create a culture that your employees really love, they’ll feel that the office is an extension of their home, and will feel both excited and passionate about the work they’re doing. And it’s true that good talent knows other good talent. And when your employees are happy with their work, they are more likely to share with others. They’ll spread the word about their positive experience with your company, and you’ll soon grow gain a strong reputation.

As a business grows the culture inevitably changes very quickly. In order to keep up with changing personalities, we chose to get our employees involved in what our culture would be. Company culture is about creating a set of values that reflect who you are and what your business is trying to achieve in the market place. For companies large and small, it has become increasingly important that their culture be infused in everything they do, from operations and human resources to marketing. Culture gives employees a driving goal and purpose for what they do. It connects your leadership team with the rest of the employees and binds them with a set of shared beliefs. Your employees want to feel like they are contributing to something larger than themselves. Employees who are more enthusiastic about the companies they work for tend to be more productive. That means more work and more business being done. Your employees’ enthusiasm will also be apparent to your customers and be an attractive selling point for them.